Do You Have These Bad HVAC Habits?

Do You Have These Bad HVAC Habits?Developing good HVAC habits will pay for themselves in better energy efficiency and fewer repairs. If you’re practicing any of these practices, consider changing them to get more from your energy dollars and increase your indoor comfort.

Ignoring filter changes.

Nothing is more important to the durability and efficiency of your HVAC system than the air filter. The filter keeps all the components inside the air handler or blower compartment clean. It also keeps an ideal amount of air going through the system, which is important for energy efficiency.

Skipping professional maintenance.

Manufacturers suggest annual maintenance visits from licensed HVAC pros to keep the system in good shape. If it’s under warranty, the manufacturer may require it. These systems have many moving parts that need tightening and some require lubrication. The technician will deep clean the parts and make adjustments to keep the system running as close to the manufacturer’s specifications as much as possible.

Changing the thermostat frequently.

Once you’ve found the best temperature settings for your family, there’s nothing to be gained by changing its setting. Your home won’t heat or cool any faster by changing the thermostat unless it’s equipped with dual-speed technology.

Blocking off rooms and registers.

Bad HVAC habits also include shutting off registers and rooms to save energy in little-used rooms. In the long run, it could cost you more in higher energy costs and repair bills than if you left the room open. Closing off a room increases the air pressure in the ducts, which increases the air pressure and leads to ductwork leaks.

Crowding the air handler and outdoor condenser.

Inside, give the furnace compartment or space where it sits as much room as possible. Don’t place things close to it. Outside, make sure that there’s at least three feet of space around the outdoor condenser to promote strong airflow through the condenser for efficient cooling.

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