What to Consider Before You Replace Your Heater

"What to Consider Before You Replace Your Heater "Hot summer days present an ideal time to think about home heater replacements. During the heating off-season, sale prices are often available on last year’s models and installation is certainly more convenient in warm weather. You can also take your time shopping and avoid making hasty buying decisions if your aging furnace unexpectedly fails during freezing conditions next winter.

To make the right call at the right time, here are some additional things to take into account about heater replacements:

How Long Should A Furnace Last?

Generally, a gas-fired residential furnace lasts 15 to 20 years. However, the exact figure heavily depends on variables such as the manufacturer and model, the average daily hours the unit typically runs and whether it’s received regular preventive maintenance by qualified technicians.

To Repair Or To Replace?

If you’re facing frequent repair expenses, should you keep repairing an existing furnace or replace it now? Once the unit has exceeded 12 years, it’s likely a better investment to upgrade to a new furnace than keep paying for expensive fixes. You’ll get improved heating performance from day one, lower costs and better reliability.

Are Rising Costs Are A Red Flag?

If the heating portion of monthly household expenses keeps going up, an aging furnace may be the explanation. As years of wear and tear affects components, heating efficiency inevitably declines and costs rise. There’s no magic solution to restore OEM efficiency and operating expenses to an outmoded, worn-out unit. Replacement is the preferred option.

Do I Really Need A Load Calculation?

Yes. Don’t assume the BTU rating of your new furnace should be the same as the unit it’s replacing. In the past, furnaces were often installed without a formal heating load calculation to accurately size the unit to the specific thermal requirements of the house. An oversized or under-sized furnace results in poor performance, higher operating costs and increased wear and tear for as long as the new unit is installed.

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