The Benefits of a Portable A/C

The Benefits of a Poratble A/CAs a supplement to central air conditioning or an alternative to window units, a portable A/C has a place and use in many homes. Built on rollers and sized to move easily through standard-width interior doors, portable units bring cooling to individual rooms or other limited spaces. Whether for temporary spot cooling or as a more permanent alternative to a window unit, a portable A/C makes comfort mobile and affordable.

Here are some specific benefits of a portable A/C:

Room-size capacity.

Portable air conditioners provide cooling power to effectively cool enclosed residential living spaces. Available BTU capacity generally ranges from 800 BTUs suitable for a 10 x 20-foot room up to over 15,000 BTUs to cool a 20 x 30-foot room.

Fast single-room cool-down.

If you’ve got an overheated room—like a hot kitchen or a spare room that’s been closed up all day—you can bring that space into the comfort zone quickly by rolling in the portable air conditioner. The on-site cooling will bring temperature down fast without waiting for central air to the job.

Custom temperature control.

Maybe one room needs to stay cooler than others. To avoid turning the central A/C thermostat down and making the whole house chilly, a portable unit can be dedicated to that single room.

Let the sunshine in.

In a home with window units, natural light as well as the outdoor view is substantially obstructed by the air conditioners. While a portable A/C requires a vent kit installed in a nearby window to exhaust hot air, the low-profile vent takes up far less window space, admits more light and preserves the view.

Lower humidity quicker.

Humidity reduction is important to create the sensation of cool comfort and thus an essential part of the the air conditioning process. A portable air conditioner placed in an enclosed room extracts humidity from air faster than relying on central A/C that is cooling/dehumidifying the entire house.

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