HVAC Communication: Understanding a Humming Air Conditioner

HVAC Communication: Understanding a Humming Air ConditionerThe occasional popping, hissing, rattling, and quiet humming from your air conditioner are normal operation sounds that don’t indicate anything serious. But can you hear persistent buzzing and humming sounds that are distractingly loud? Your cooling system could be malfunctioning. So what causes a humming air conditioner and how can you fix it? Read on to find out more.

Why is Your Air Conditioner Making a Humming Noise?

When you hear that loud buzzing or humming noise, your A/C system could be experiencing one of the issues below:

  • Damaged or missing isolation feet — Your compressor is mounted to the A/C unit’s base with bolts that have small rubber feet known as isolation feet. With continued use, the isolation feet can crack or disintegrate, unbalancing the compressor. As a result, there’ll be a buzzing noise as your air conditioner operates.
  • Faulty compressor — The compressor pressurizes and cools the refrigerant inside your unit. When it isn’t working correctly, or the electrical voltage that’s flowing through your outside A/C unit is at incorrect amperage, a buzzing sound will be produced.
  • Loose wiring — Wires can separate and create an electrical arc. This can cause a buzzing noise and potentially trigger an electrical fire.
  • Frozen A/C Unit — Your air conditioning unit can freeze up due to refrigerant leaks. That can make you hear a humming or buzzing noise from the unit.

How to Fix a Humming Air Conditioner

The electricity flowing through your air conditioner is dangerous, and the circulating refrigerant must be handled with caution and expertise. For those reasons, it’s always best to call an A/C specialist to address the humming problem.

Generally, unless you have the proper training to diagnose and repair HVAC systems, you should always let a professional HVAC contractor handle air conditioner repairs. If you need to have your humming air conditioner diagnosed and fixed in the Greater Cleveland area, please contact us at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. For more than 80 years, we’ve been providing reliable HVAC and plumbing services to satisfied residential and commercial clients.