Prepare for These Common Spring HVAC Problems

Prepare for These Common Spring HVAC ProblemsYour furnace and air conditioner have some parts unique to each, but also share some parts, such as the air distribution system. That’s why each spring and fall, it’s important to schedule maintenance. So as spring looms in Cleveland and with it, the cooling season, you’ll want to focus on your air conditioner. Following are some potential spring HVAC problems you should look out for.

Dirty Coils

You have coils in your outdoor condenser/compressor unit, while inside, you have evaporator coils. Each plays an important part in the cooling process. If they are dirty, that process will not happen as efficiently as it should. Not only will you be uncomfortable, but you’ll be paying more on your utility bill as you try to stay cool. If your outdoor coils are accessible you can try spraying them with a hose (be gentle!); in more severe cases, coil cleaner and a soft brush will be required. If you know where your indoor coils are, you can also try cleaning them with coil cleaner, but it’s always best to ask your HVAC tech to clean them during your spring HVAC maintenance.

Clogged Condensate Drain

As air is drawn past the evaporator coils, dust and other pollutants can be deposited on the coils. Over time, dirt bills up and, along with the moisture that is deposited there as condensation, can end up clogging the condensate drain that is designed to carry moisture away. The signs of a clog are pools of water on the floor near the A/C, and a dripping sound inside the unit. The drain should be cleaned out with water and bleach periodically.

Refrigerant Leak

The main sign of a refrigerant leak is that your A/C will stop cooling properly. Frozen coils and a hissing sound from the indoor A/C unit are other signs. Refrigerant should only be added by a licensed professional. First, however, the leak should be fixed by an HVAC tech.

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