Caring for Your HVAC: End of Winter Maintenance

Caring for Your HVAC: End of Winter MaintenanceSome homeowners think all you have to do to your HVAC system between seasons is switch buttons between heating and the air conditioner — but you’ll be way ahead if you put into practice some basic HVAC maintenance as winter winds down and spring comes around.

Here’s what you should know about end-of-winter maintenance.

Tips for End-of-Winter Maintenance

1. Test the controls and thermostat. It’s a good idea to turn on the air conditioner before you really need it to see if it’s working right. Otherwise, you might wait until the weather’s heated up to turn it on, only to discover the A/C isn’t cooling and needs maintenance. So try a test run to see if it gets cold and to ensure you don’t hear any strange sounds. Test controls to make sure they turn the system on and off; also check whether the thermostat is functioning properly.

2. Change the air filter. While we really don’t recommend that homeowners perform many DIY tasks when it comes to the HVAC, changing the filter is one thing you can and should do. If you use a cheap fiberglass filter, change it monthly. Change pleated filters less often, but do check them, as conditions may change inside your house, with more dust-generating activity at some times than others. A clean air filter will keep your air cleaner and keep your A/C’s parts working without the friction that dirt particles can cause. A clean A/C runs cooler and will last longer.

3. Clear debris away from the condenser. It’s essential that you keep grass, leaf debris, garden tools and anything else away from the outdoor condenser so it can maintain good airflow. Your system will not cool properly if the air flow is blocked, and that could lead to compressor failure. Look inside to see if the fins and coils are clean, and if not, be sure to mention it to your HVAC tech when you schedule your A/C maintenance.

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