Common Cooling Issues: Uneven Cooling

Common Cooling Issues: Uneven CoolingThe most common uneven cooling problems that our HVAC technicians at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing encounter are ductwork related. Poor layout, damaged flex ducts, leaky duct joints, incorrect duct sizing, and other issues make it impossible to keep your home evenly comfortable.

While ductwork problems are more complex issues to be addressed by your technician, you may be able to troubleshoot cooling problems with pragmatic DIY solutions.

Airflow Obstructions

Start with the basics. Uneven cooling in your home could be due to airflow obstructions caused by closed or dirty vents, closed doors to interior rooms, and furniture blocking vents. Check vents and doors to insure cooled airflow isn’t blocked from all supply vents to return grilles. If necessary, install transfer vents on doors and walls to allow free airflow.

Heat Gain Issues

Some rooms are going to naturally take on more heat gain due to your home’s orientation to the sun. Other causes for uneven cooling are air leaks in your home’s envelope and insulation issues.

  • Window treatments: Window treatments, such as awnings, shades, and layered drapes, work wonders for evening up heat gain room to room in your home.
  • Sealing: Seal air leaks around windows, doors, and the attic hatch using weatherstripping and caulk.
  • Insulation: Increasing attic insulation is a practical home-efficiency upgrade that lasts years, saves energy, and helps mitigate uneven temperatures in your home. Boost insulation levels to R-60 for maximum heating comfort, too.

Dirty Air Conditioner

Your central air conditioner cools your home by removing heat from indoor air. As return airflow is pulled across the evaporator coil, cold refrigerant inside the coil absorbs heat energy. The heat is released at the condenser coil located in the outdoor unit.

Uneven cooling problems may be attributed to dust in return airflow and outdoor air sticking to the coils, which disrupts heat transfer. This makes your A/C work longer and harder. Clean both coils with a can of self-rinsing foaming spray.

From practical DIY solutions, to more technical home energy repairs, contact Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for help solving uneven cooling in your Greater Cleveland home.

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