5 HVAC Resolutions for 2018

5 HVAC Resolutions for 2018If you plan to make resolutions for 2018, it’s worth your while to add some HVAC-related items to your list, especially if one of your goals is to save money.

The following five HVAC resolutions can help you save more throughout the coming year by lowering your household energy consumption, averting preventable repair bills, and as a bonus they can boost your home comfort too:

Enhance Your Home’s Overall Efficiency

Sealing up sources of energy losses can help boost your home’s efficiency and curtail waste, which can reduce your monthly energy bills. Two easy ways to create a more efficient home are:

  • Weatherizing the exterior envelope by finding and sealing cracks, gaps and holes around your doors and windows, and around pipes/wires/vents with weatherstripping, expandable spray foam and caulk.
  • Sealing leaks around penetrations through the attic floor, the access hatch and all around the perimeter using the same products. You should also check that you have R-49 to R-60 of insulation between the attic floor joists, and if not, add more.

Make Improvements to the Ductwork

Leaking ductwork that lacks insulation can rob you of 20 percent (or more) of the conditioned air output from your HVAC equipment. To end this waste, have all the accessible ducts sealed with mastic, then add an R-6 insulation wrap.

Keep Your HVAC System Well-Maintained

To maintain your heating and cooling equipment’s efficiency and catch newly-developing issues that may require repair, you need to schedule spring and fall preventive care with a well-trained and skilled HVAC technician.

Monitor Your Air Filter Monthly

Restricted airflow due to a clogged filter can reduce your HVAC equipment’s efficiency or cause a costly breakdown, so resolve to check your air filter every month and replace it whenever there’s any visible debris buildup.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat from a basic digital model and scheduling daily temperature setbacks for eight-hour periods can allow you to curb your energy usage and save money all year long.

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