How Temperature Affects Your Sleep

How Temperature Affects Your SleepAnyone who has ever struggled with insomnia knows the fatigue and frustration caused by lack of rest. Thanks to the work of sleep scientists, relief might be close at hand simply by adjusting the sleeping temperature.

Researchers have found that bedroom temperature makes a difference in how fast and long people sleep. The body has to drop its internal temperature slightly to get to sleep and a cooler room speeds the process up.

Sleep experts have also found that people have individual preferences for temperature. They report temperatures between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for adults. Infants and toddlers need it somewhat warmer.

Changing the Temperature

If you have trouble sleeping, try lowering your thermostat a few degrees each night until you find your body’s ideal sleeping temperature. Either add blankets to the bed or have them handy in case you wake up chilly. Once you’ve found your temperature set point, remember to set the thermostat to that degree before going to bed.

A programmable thermostat will simplify nighttime settings by automatically changing it for you, along with warming your home shortly before you rise in the morning.


Other people in your home may prefer different temperatures for sleeping. Since a good night’s sleep is the foundation of good health and vitality for everyone, consider installing a zoning system.

Zoning systems divide your home into different sections and each one has its own thermostat. HVAC technicians put dampers in the ductwork that open only when that zone’s or room’s thermostat calls for conditioned air.

Besides achieving your ideal temperature at night, a zoning system lowers energy bills and decreases the wear on your HVAC system. Contractors can install zoning systems as retrofits for existing equipment, or with a complete HVAC replacement.

Winter is a good time to try out different sleep temperature to find the best one for you. To learn more, contact Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, serving homeowners in the greater Cleveland area.

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