Socialization: In-Home Service Workers and Your Pets

Socialization: In-Home Service Workers and Your PetsThe people who work on your home–plumbers, HVAC contractors, electricians–know how important your pets are to you. That’s why they want to take every step possible to make encounters with pets safe for both human and animal. Here are some suggestions for how to make it easier for home service workers to deal with your pets:

Two Extremes: Friendly and Unfriendly Pets

It will usually be dogs, rather than cats, who present issues with service workers. If you have a friendly dog, there will probably not be any problems with service professionals when they come to your home. Remember, however, that workers are going to look and smell different and will be making unfamiliar sounds, so even a friendly dog may have unexpected reactions.

Unfriendly pets must, without question, be kept away from service workers. This usually means they must be temporarily closed up in another room, in their crates, or in their kennels. The risks of a bite are too great to leave these types of pets free to roam while someone is working in your house.

In the Middle: Using Socialization on Most Pets

Most pets will fall somewhere in the middle with their temperament. Some socialization techniques that can be used include:

  • Tell the service worker the pet’s name and have him use it. Pets are likely to respond well to their name, even if it comes from an unfamiliar source.
  • Give the dog some treats. Hand the worker some dog treats to give to the animal. Getting food from a friendly source can cause a pet to respond favorably.
  • Speak in a calm voice. When talking to the dog, speak calmly and in a low, even tone of voice. This will make it less likely that the dog will react to a startling or unfriendly sound.

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