Replacing Your Furnace at the Right Time

Replacing Your Furnace at the Right TimeIf your furnace struggled to make it through this past winter, now’s the right time to replace it rather than waiting until another heating season is on the doorstep. Why replace a furnace this time of year? One good reason is the peace of mind you’ll have that your home will be cozy and warm next winter, but there are other beneficial reasons too, such as:

Seasonal Discounts

The spring lull between our heating and cooling seasons is a slow period for HVAC contractors. To keep their technicians busy throughout the spring, they often offer significant price cuts on new HVAC equipment and installations. A spring furnace purchase gives you the dual benefit of cash savings and greater flexibility with scheduling because your installer isn’t fully booked.

No Discomfort

There’s little risk of discomfort or inconvenience if you have heating equipment installed in the spring when the weather is mild. Since there’s no need for air conditioning yet either, it’s also an ideal time to have an older A/C replaced with an efficient new model for improved comfort and lower utility bills this summer.

Time to Compare

Now that heating season is over, you won’t have to rush to pick a new furnace and get it installed quickly just to stay warm and comfortable. Instead, you can take your time investigating the latest beneficial heating equipment features. You can consider variable-speed blowers, EMC motors, multi-stage burners, modulating gas valves, and smart controls and decide which features are worthwhile investments.

Budgeting Ease

Replacing a failed furnace unexpectedly in the middle of the winter can make it difficult to fit the expense into your budget. If you replace it now by choice instead, you can consider all of your available financing options and choose one that meshes best with your budget. Since spring is tax refund season too, you might even decide to earmark those funds to help cover the cost of your furnace replacement.

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