Storm Preparation for Spring

Storm Preparation for SpringWe’re always thrilled to see springtime arrive in Ohio, but unfortunately, warm weather means it’s also time for spring storms. Ohio can experience some pretty severe weather, including torrential downpours, lightning and even tornadoes. Find out the basics for spring storm prep in our area.

Tips for Surviving Storm Season

1. Flooding. You may think because your home has never flooded, you’re not at risk, but it’s worthwhile to find out if your residence lies in a flood plain by consulting municipal maps. We’ve been having wild weather in this country in recent years, with many regions experiencing historic flooding. Most insurance policies don’t cover flooding from natural disasters, so have yours in hand well before the storm hits.

To survive a flood, you need to have an escape plan rehearsed. Pack your survival gear and essentials before the storm arrives, make sure the car is gassed up and evacuate when ordered to.

2. Tornadoes. Tornado warning systems are better than ever, but nevertheless, you may have to ride it out at home when one threatens. Seek a strong inner room, like a bathroom or closet, using a mattress to cover you from debris or falling objects.Open windows slightly to relieve pressure in the home so it doesn’t explode.

3. Thunderstorms. Stay indoors whenever a thunderstorm is approaching. If you can hear thunder, you are within lightning strike distance. There’s nothing much to do about big hail damaging your home, but you can secure all items around the property so they don’t become flying missiles in strong winds. Turn off the power to all major electrical appliances, including the air conditioner, to prevent damage from storm surge.

4. Survival supplies. Storms may knock the power out for long periods. Store food, water, pet food and medications sufficient to last at least three days. Also keep on hand blankets and sleeping bags, a battery-powered lantern and flashlight and plenty of batteries, as well as a battery-powered weather radio.

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