Winter Safety Precautions for Your Elyria Home

Winter Safety Precautions for Your Elyria HomeWinter weather means it’s time to turn up the heat in most Great Cleveland area homes. It’s also time to take some winter home safety precautions to make sure that your family enjoys this season without any problems.

Protecting Your Family From CO

CO, or carbon monoxide, is a year-round problem. However, it does have more opportunity to strike your family during the winter when your furnace is on or you’re using wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. CO is an invisible and odorless gas that causes feelings of nausea, dizziness, headache, and confusion.

If the exposure to CO goes on too long, it can be deadly. If you suspect you have a CO leak in your house, go outside to get fresh air and call your HVAC professional.

How do you protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning?

  1. Make sure any gas or wood-burning appliances have adequate ventilation
  2. Install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector
  3. Have your furnace inspected for CO leaks

The furnace inspection can be part of your bi-annual maintenance inspection. This leads us to the next winter home safety precaution:

Maintaining Your Furnace

Your furnace plays an important part in keeping your family comfortable all winter long. It also requires some routine maintenance to keep it running safely.

Two areas where your furnace can have safety hazards include:

  1. The heat exchanger. When this component of the furnace cracks, it can release carbon monoxide into your air.
  2. Electrical and gas connections. These can become loose, creating fire or breathing hazards.

During a maintenance visit, the HVAC technician checks the heat exchanger for cracks. He inspects all the electrical connections, the gas line if there is one, and makes sure that air is flowing properly through a clean filter. He also inspects the mechanical parts for any signs of problems or wear. Not only does he make sure your furnace is safe to operate, but he also looks for any signs of future problems that need to be addressed.

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