Keep Your Home Free From Mold and Bacteria

Keep Your Home Free From Mold and BacteriaBoth mold and bacteria proliferate in warm, humid conditions, and the inside of your home is no exception. Most types of both are harmless, and some are even beneficial, but those that harm your health and property can wreak serious damage. It’s possible to manage the population of both through moisture management and safe approaches that will eradicate them indoors.

Humidity Management

  • Run the fans in the bathrooms and the kitchen to eliminate the excess humidity only if they vent outside your home.
  • Fix leaking faucets. Not only do they waste water, leaking faucets provide optimal conditions for moldy and bacterial growths.
  • Investigate musty smells. If you can’t see any signs of mold growth in a room where its odor is strong, you may have a leaking pipe or water seeping into the attic or a wall. You may need a plumbing professional to trace the source of moisture before it does serious damage to the wood, drywall, or insulation inside walls and ceilings.
  • Use dehumidifiers. Consider using a whole-house dehumidifier makes sense to lower the moisture level. These appliances attach to your HVAC system, condense water vapor from the air and drain it into your home’s plumbing. They’re much more convenient and energy efficient than portable dehumidifiers. Humidity levels below 50 percent are more comfortable for you and lower the proliferation of bacterial and moldy growths.

Mechanical Controls

  • Apply a diluted bleach solution to moldy areas to eliminate it when it’s growing on a hard surface. If fading is possible, use hydrogen peroxide instead.
  • Add UV (ultraviolet) lights. UV lights placed inside the blower compartment shine on the evaporator coil inside and prevent biological growths on the coil. UV rays alter the DNA of organic particles, keeping them from reproducing. These lights also control the spread of viruses and lower volatile organic compounds (VOCs), another hazardous indoor air pollutant.

Managing bacteria and mold indoors through humidity management reduces health and property damage. To learn more, contact Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We provide trusted HVAC services for homeowners in the Greater Cleveland area.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “ClkerFreeVectorImages/Pixabay”