Why Ventilating Your Garage is Important

Why Ventilating Your Garage is Important | GeiselIf your garage is attached to your home, making sure it’s ventilated is important for safety and comfort. Learn more about why you should have adequate garage ventilation in your Greater Cleveland-area home.

Safety Concerns

Carbon monoxide can build up inside your garage when your car is running and end up leaking into your home. Breathing in these fumes can become life-threatening quickly. Since carbon monoxide isn’t visible and produces no odor, it can be hard to detect. Garage ventilation can significantly lower your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by pulling this gas out of your garage and away from your home.

Comfort Issues

Heat can build up to uncomfortable levels inside your garage during summer. If you have a workbench or hobby area inside your garage, this amount of heat can make it unpleasant for you to spend time in there. Ventilation helps keep your garage cooler when it’s hot out, so it won’t get stuffy.

Ventilation Options

Having a garage ventilation system helps ensure that dangerous fumes and excess heat are removed. You can have a system installed that includes vents and a fan. Garage vents are usually installed in windows, and the fan is usually installed in the ceiling or near the top of a wall.

Some of these systems come with different features, such as timers, motion sensors, thermostats, and dehumidistats. Timers allow you to have the fan running on a schedule, while motion sensors turn the fan on and off based on whether there are people around. Thermostats kick on when the temperature gets too high in your garage, while dehumidistats turn the fan on if your garage gets too humid, which lowers the risk of mold growth.

Keep in mind that letting a professional handle the installation process is the ideal way to make sure your garage is properly ventilated.

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