Work With a Pro to Conduct an Energy Evaluation on Your Home

Work With a Pro to Conduct an Energy Evaluation on Your HomeA professional home energy evaluation is the most reliable, accurate and thorough way to assess your home’s energy efficiency. Once you have the results, you’ll know exactly where and how to fix air leaks and increase insulation in the areas where it’s lacking. You’ll also learn what you can do to make your appliances more efficient to curb energy usage.

What to Expect

Nearly all energy audits use specialized equipment and testing, including a blower door test and thermographic devices. A blower door sits in an exterior door frame and pulls the air from your home. It has air pressure gauges that tell the auditing team how fast and far the air pressure drops inside. If it drops quickly, it means your home has little air infiltration. Homes with significant air leaks lose pressure slowly.

The auditors will pinpoint air leaks during the home energy evaluation using thermographic cameras to identify temperature contrasts from air leaks and inadequate insulation. A home with ample air leaks will lose pressure slowly. Energy audits also usually involve testing your ductwork for leakage and assessing your HVAC system.

How to Prepare

  • Gather your recent energy bills. If you have time, it’s a good idea to put them into a spreadsheet by month and type to simplify the evaluation.
  • List the temperatures at which you usually keep your home in the summer and winter, and list your family’s size and family members’ ages.
  • Close all the windows and exterior doors. Open all the interior doors.
  • “Thermal load” your home if the auditing team asks you to do so by turning the temperature up or down. Changing the indoor temperature shows temperature contrasts better when the outdoor and indoor temperatures are similar.
  • Explain how you use your home and if you use some areas or rooms more than others.
  • Make a note of the appliances you use most frequently, such as the washer and dryer and cooking appliances.

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