Easy Ways to Reduce Household Dust and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Easy Ways to Reduce Household Dust and Improve Indoor Air QualityDust can be discouraging. Some homes just seem more prone to dust than others, as it penetrates through tiny leaks around windows or enters when the door is opened. If your home seems perennially dusty, take heart. There are ways to improve conditions and reduce household dust. 

First, though, understand that dust is minute particles of dirt, hair, skin flakes and fibers from textiles, carpets and paper. For some, dust is a mere annoyance; for others, it can cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks. It’s always smart to keep it under control.

Tips to Reduce Household Dust

  1. Use a good quality air filter in your HVAC system. Choose a pleated filter, with a minimum efficiency reporting value of 8 to 12 to help eliminate dust that may be re-circulating in your home’s air.
  2. Clean your home often. That means vacuuming carpets, rugs and upholstery regularly with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, mopping hard floors with a damp mop and using a damp cloth, or one with an electrostatic charge, to dust furniture. Avoid sweeping with a broom or dusting with a feather duster. Turn on the HVAC system while you vacuum to capture any dust you stir up.
  3. Encase pillows and mattresses in allergen-proof coverings to deter dust mites. Wash linens often in hot water.
  4. Keep windows and doors closed. Search for air leaks around windows and doors with a lit incense stick. Seal up cracks around doors with weatherstripping and caulk leaks around windows.
  5. Minimize figurines and other dust collectors around the home.
  6. Beat area rugs and pillows outdoors.
  7. Consider an air cleaner. Whole-house air cleaners installed into the HVAC system do the best job of controlling dust and other pollutants in a home, while portables clean one room at a time. Air cleaners with an electrostatic or electronic charge attract dust particles to their filters and—while effective—must be cleaned

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