How to Change and Control a Room’s Humidity Level

How to Change and Control a Room's Humidity LevelYour home environment’s humidity has a lot of impacts on your health, comfort, and home maintenance, with problems arising if the humidity gets either too high or too low. If you can control a room’s humidity level, you can lower your energy bills and improve home comfort.

Lower a room’s humidity

When humidity is too high, mold, bacteria, and fungus have the chance to form colonies and lower your indoor air q
uality. Condensation on walls and ceilings can also damage your home, and books can become warped. In order to lower your room’s humidity, try these tips:

  • Run an air conditioner in the summer. Cooler air can hold less moisture, so your air conditioner can help keep excess moisture in check.
  • Spread cat litter on a baking pan, and place it in an out-of-the-way space. The litter will absorb moisture from the air.
  • Install a dehumidifier. If this room is a single problem spot like a kitchen or bathroom, a stand-alone unit will do. To control humidity for your entire house, a whole-house humidifier is a wise investment.
  • Improve the room’s ventilation. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, cycling the air can help stop high humidityg.

Raise a room’s humidity

When your air isn’t humid enough, it can cause irritation in your throat and lungs, and lead to dry and cracking skin. Static electricity builds up more easily, which can damage electronics. Through the winter, it’s more difficult for a dry room to retain heat. If you need to raise your room’s humidity, try these tips:

  • Grow green, leafy plants which can be watered frequently. Not only will the evaporating water raise humidity, but the plants themselves will boost your air quality.
  • Install a vaporizer or a humidifier. If this room is a problem spot in your home, a stand-alone humidifier can help. If it’s a bedroom, vaporizers are good for sinuses and respiratory health. Or, a whole-house humidifier can keep your whole home humid enough for comfort.

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