5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Costs This Winter

It isn’t difficult or expensive to cut your home heating costs without having to sacrifice your comfort. Not only will these tips increase your wintertime comfort, they’ll lower your energy usage year-round. 

  1. Stop the air infiltration. One of the most reliable ways to find air leaks in your home’s shell is through an energy audit that uses a blower door test, or conduct your own. Turn on all the exhaust fans indoors and light a stick of incense. Walk around the walls and anywhere you see the smoke moving at an angle, note its location. It indicates a leak you can seal later with caulk or expanding foam.5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Home Heating Costs This Winter
  2. Have your heating system serviced. A tuned-up HVAC system runs more efficiently, safely and durably. Make a note to check the air filter for the blower monthly and change it when it’s covered with dust. A dirty filter drives up energy costs because it slows the airflow through the filter, causing the system to run longer.
  3. Use reversible ceiling fans. Heat rises and it’s warmer near the ceiling in the winter. A reversing fan will move the warmer air closer to the floor. You can effectively cut your home heating costs if your ceiling plates exceed eight feet.
  4. Deal with the windows. Aging and inefficient windows lose a good deal of heat through the glass panes, the window frames and the sashes. Replacing old windows with Energy Star or thermal windows requires a financial commitment, but they will pay for themselves in energy savings. Using clear plastic window kits is a viable alternative for stopping drafts and some of the heat transfer through the glass. Applied according to the directions, the plastic won’t obstruct your view.
  5. Install a programmable thermostat. Such a device adjusts the temperature based on home occupancy patterns so that you won’t have to remember to change it. Each degree you keep the temperature cooler inside saves heating costs.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “preenutPN/Shutterstock”