Office Building Design: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Work

If you work in an office building, you’re probably already aware that poor indoor air quality can lead to an unhealthy work environment. This is why when one person gets sick, others seem to follow suit.

Here are some tips to improve indoor air quality at work this year:

Clean the carpet — Although they’re typically not as bad, even industrial carpets can hold a large amount of pollutants, which are released into the air whenever someone walks across them. Because of the heavy foot traffic associated with most ofOffice Building Design: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Workfice buildings, the carpet should be cleaned every day with a vacuum equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.

Dry off areas of moisture — A build-up of moisture can cause mold and mildew to develop, which can harm a person’s respiratory system. To combat this, be sure to keep office areas like the bathrooms and break rooms as dry as possible.

Improve ventilation — A lack of proper ventilation is believed by some experts to be a leading cause of sickness and fatigue experienced in office buildings, with the symptoms often dissipating once the employee leaves. It’s a good idea to hire a professional contractor and have them check your system, then take measures to improve ventilation.

Limit exposure to cigarette smoke — Most businesses don’t have to worry too much about cigarette smoke these days due to various regulations, but if there isn’t a designated smoking area for employees, there should be.

Separate sources of emissions — Large machinery, including something like a copy machine, can be a source of harmful emissions. These types of items should be kept in a separate room, away from employees.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Tania-A/Shutterstock”