Quick Ways to Maintain and Clean Your Humidifier

A clean humidifier often means better health and comfort for you and your family. While you’re probably already dealing with a busy schedule, it’s important to include basic HVAC tasks that can maintain your system, while improving indoor air quality.

Here are some quick tips for maintaining a clean humidifier in your Cleveland home.

Reasons To Clean Your Humidifier

Quick Ways to Maintain and Clean Your HumidifierIf you need some motivation to clean your humidifier, consider the fact that this vapor will be breathed in by your family. Do you want to breathe in particles of bacteria or fungus? Homeowners who are dragging their feet on this essential task should just think about all of the pollutants circulating into their home.

Cleaning Your Humidifier

Your humidifier probably came with a user’s manual, so the first step should be to find the instructions. If you threw yours away, these general tips will help you enjoy a clean humidifier no matter what brand you own:

  • Vinegar is the perfect cleaner for built-up residue in your humidifier. Pouring about one cup of distilled white vinegar in your humidifier and letting it soak for a minimum of half an hour helps loosen residue.
  • Swishing vinegar around makes this method even more effective. You’ll need to use a brush to remove the residue.
  • After your humidifier is clean, pour out the vinegar and rinse the appliance with water.
  • The next step is to disinfect your dehumidifier. Before you put water back in the receptacle, let a mixture of water and bleach soak in it for about half an hour. Make sure all of the bleach is poured out and rinsed from the humidifier before you use it.

Professional Indoor Air Quality Services

If a clean humidifier is not doing enough to maintani your indoor air quality, schedule an appointment with Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for professional help.

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