Get Your Boiler Ready For Winter With a Maintenance Check

Having your boiler serviced in the fall helps you be certain that your family will be safe and comfortable during the cold weather ahead. Make sure you know the common problems, and how to recognize them. It may even be time for a new model, but start with a maintenance check to help you diagnose any problems you’re having.

Perform an Initial InspectionGet Your Boiler Ready For Winter With a Maintenance Check

You can do a basic check yourself, such as checking for leaking pipes or damaged machinery. If you have an older boiler, check for corrosion that could lead to more extensive damages. Sufficient insulation is imperative for optimal operation, so repair or replace any that is damaged or missing. Troubleshooting the system will help you identify unusual noises or unfamiliar problems. The presence of leaks is cause for serious concern, and should be dealt with immediately. Contact an experienced technician for assistance. Ventilation is important also, so keep the area around the equipment free of clutter and debris.

Flush the Boiler Annually

Sediment accumulates in the system and prevents it from operating efficiently. It’s also important to remove the soot and residual buildup in the burning compartment. Scale buildup and corrosion can be tempered by adding a water treatment program to your water system. Flushing the system helps prolong boiler life along with ensuring smooth operation.

Call a Technician

Complete servicing and maintenance should be done by qualified professionals. This is the case as well with installing new gaskets or performing hydrostatic tests, for example, or checking and replacing gauges and safety controls. Experienced technicians can perform many checks:

  • Test and optimize the fuel-burning system
  • Verify correct motor operation
  • Lubricate mechanical equipment

Even a simple inspection can be daunting if you are not accustomed to that type of thing. Dark, damp basements and close quarters are the name of the game in the boiler business.

For a complete boiler inspection, or information about any of our services, please contact us at Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. We have three generations of experience in HVAC and plumbing, knowledge that helps keep your family comfortable and safe.

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