Ways to Maintain Your HVAC System During a Home Remodel

Ways to Maintain Your HVAC System During a Home RemodelA remodel project in your home is a busy time. There are plans to make and supplies to purchase for the project. Construction workers may be coming and going making a mess in the house. However, you must remember to maintain your HVAC system during the project. Dirt and debris that enters your heating and cooling system can cause problems and lead to a costly repair later. Plans should be made to protect your HVAC equipment from the start of the construction.

Ways to Maintain Your HVAC System During a Remodel

  • Discuss the project with your HVAC contractor – One of the first steps on your list should be discussing your plans with a qualified HVAC contractor. Your contractor can inspect HVAC components such as the ductwork, furnace and A/C unit to ensure no changes are necessary as a result of changes in your living spaces.
  • Close the registers in the work area – Dirt and debris are the enemy of forced-air heating and cooling equipment, Closing the registers in the remodel area will help prevent pollutants from entering the ductwork. Vents may be left open elsewhere in your home.
  • Perform dust-producing tasks outside the house – Cutting, drilling and sanding produces large amounts of sawdust and other debris. When possible, do this type of work outside of the house. There will be less debris carried through the home.
  • Isolate the area with tarps – Use plastic tarps to separate the work area and cover any nearby furniture and appliances. This will help contain debris and limit the amount of dust and dirt that finds its way to open vents.
  • Change the HVAC air filter often – During the construction, change the air filter frequently and then again at the completion of the project.

During a remodel project, a certain amount of dust and dirt will enter the heating and cooling system, even after taking precautions. Consider a professional inspection and cleaning of system components after the project is complete.

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