Have You Ever Considered a Dual-Fuel Heat Pump System?

Winter is just around the corner and forecasts suggest that it is going to be another brutal season for the Greater Cleveland area. Now is the perfect time to determine whether your home needs a new heating system. 

A dual-fuel heat pump system may be a good solution for your HVAC needs if you’re :Have You Ever Considered a Dual-Fuel Heat Pump System?

  • Comfort. The dual-fuel system is designed with comfort in mind. The electric pump is used as the fuel source most of the time which creates little to no pollution. The air compressor is located outside of the home which allows for quiet heating indoors.
  • Efficiency. A dual-fuel heat pump combines the best qualities of both gas and electric heating systems. The electric heat pump is primarily responsible for heating the home but a gas furnace will kick in during cold weather when the heat pump’s performance drops. In a regular heat pump system, an electric heating element – which is relatively expensive to use – will serve as the backup heating.
  • Cost savings. Even though a dual-fuel heat pump system is a larger initial investment, the cost savings add up over time. During the life of the system, your utility bills will be lower, therefore reducing your overall energy costs.
  • Energy efficiency. This heat pump boosts your home’s energy efficiency because dual-fuel systems generally use the most energy-efficient fuel source. You also may have the option of manually converting to the gas furnace, if you decide gas heating is cheaper to operate than the electric heat pump.
  • Versatility. When you install a dual-fuel heat pump, you’ll reap the benefits of both the electric heat pump and the gas furnace. The technology available in the dual-fuel system allows the pump to automatically adjust based on your home comfort needs, your programmed preferences and the exterior temperature.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Thinglass/Shutterstock”