When Your Furnace Is Oversized, This Is the Result

When a furnace is oversized for the space that it serves, it’s a liability, not an asset, despite the fact that most people’s reaction would be “wouldn’t a larger furnace be better than a smaller one?” There are several common-sense reasons why oversizing a residential furnace is not a good idea. For both economics and comfort, properly sizing a furnace to your Cleveland, Ohio home is the way to go.

As far as comfort reasons go, when your furnace is oversized, it heats the space faster than a right-sized model, which, on the surface, doesn’t seem like a bad thing. However, all areas of the home are not equal as far as achieving a comforWhen Your Furnace Is Oversized, This Is the Resulttable temperature go. That means that some areas of the house actually get too warm while others are struggling to keep up.

The most energy-inefficient (and therefore, most expensive) part of a furnace’s run cycle is its startup and warm-up phases. So when your home is heated too quickly, it means that all the heat was produced while the unit was running in its warm-up cycle, an extremely inefficient mode. A properly sized furnace – preferably one equipped with a variable-speed blower motor – will ramp up to the right speed, and then operate at a steady, more continuous (and energy-efficient) mode of operation.

Also, when a furnace is oversized, it will power on and off much more frequently than a properly sized furnace in the same home. This creates more wear and tear on the furnace, resulting in more frequent service calls as parts wear out. This can also lessen the service life of the furnace, causing more budget grief when you have to consider replacing the unit sooner than you had anticipated.

Meeting with a trusted HVAC contractor is a smart idea before considering a furnace replacement. He likely will ask to perform a heating load calculation on your home to determine the right capacity furnace for that space. Getting an expert opinion on the best option for a furnace that fits both the needs of your budget and your home will help you feel more comfortable in both your home environment and your budget.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Roobcio/Shutterstock”