Electric Water Heater? Watch Out for These Problems

Of all the appliances we regularly use in our homes, the water heater is, without a doubt, one of the most important. These appliances do sometimes go on the fritz, however. If you’ve got an electric water heater in your Cleveland,  Ohio home and are having problems with it, here’s a quick checklist of the usual suspects when it comes to malfunctions.

No Hot Water

If you have no hot water at all, there are a few things that you can check before you call for a technician.

  • Make sure your water heater is plugged in and that there are no loose wires.
  • Make sure the breakers haven’t tripped.Electric Water Heater? Watch Out for These Problems
  • If you use fuses, check that you haven’t blown one.
  • Check the thermostat on the water heater to make sure it’s working properly.
  • Also check the heating element to make sure that it’s actually heating.

Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly

Most of the time, when an electric water heater begins to run out of hot water sooner than it should, it’s likely an issue with the thermostat.

Hot Water Smells Bad or Is Rust Colored

Usually, if an electric water heater is putting out stinky or rust-colored water, either the pipes have corroded or there’s a bacteria buildup in the water heater itself. This may be easily fixed by flushing the water heater. To flush the tank, you will need to attach a hose to the spigot at the bottom of the heater, open the cold water inlet, and then turn the handle to allow all of the water to drain from the electric water heater. This should probably be done yearly. If you have hard water in your area, you may want to do this once per season.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Stuart Miles/Shutterstock”