Carbon Monoxide Exposure is Serious — Find Out Where CO Hides

There are many hidden dangers in your home, and carbon monoxide exposure is among the most lethal. In order to keep your home protected, you should know where to find carbon monoxide (CO) and how to prevent it from leaking or accumulating in your home.

Carbon monoxide has no color, odor or taste. This makes it extremely difficult to detect. CO is produced when some type of fuel are not entirely combusted. Gas-fueled furnaces, ranges and water heaters all produce the gas, and a leak in any of tCarbon Monoxide Exposure is Serious -- Find Out Where CO Hideshese systems, or faulty venting, can lead to carbon monoxide exposure. Internal combustion engines, as used in cars, lawn-mowers and generators, directly emit the gas.

Exposure to CO in the smallest amounts can cause health problems with long enough exposure. Symptoms are flu-like and can come in the form of headaches, confusion and vertigo. Long-term carbon monoxide exposure in small amounts can lead to severe depression and loss of memory. With enough exposure, people have a more severe reaction that ultimately can lead to death.

Certain demographics are in more danger if exposed to CO. The following groups are at a higher risk when exposed:

  • Young children
  • People with heart disease
  • People with respiratory problems

If you have one or more carbon monoxide detectors in your home, you should be alerted to CO before you experience symptoms. You can also prevent exposure in several ways. Never leave your car running or yard tractor idling in the garage, and don’t run any other small engines in the house or garage. Gas-fueled furnaces and water heaters should undergo routine maintenance by a qualified HVAC contractor. As a safeguard, your CO detector should always have working batteries installed, even if it’s just a backup system for a hardwired detector.

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