Summer is Over — Almost Time for Your Heat Pump to Switch to Heating

With the winter months approaching, now is a good time to ensure that your heat pump is in good working order. It’s important to inspect the heat pump and schedule seasonal maintenance prior to the long Northeast Ohio heating season. The last thing you need is a malfunctioning heat pump on a cold winter’s day. Not all of the maintenance tasks have to be performed by a skilled professional, however, and you can save money by performing the easy tasks yourself.  

DIY Maintenance TasksSummer is Over -- Almost Time for Your Heat Pump to Switch to Heating

  • Clear any vegetation, leaves and other yard debris from around the heat pump’s outside condenser/compressor unit. These materials can obstruct airflow, resulting in reduced efficiency.
  • The air filter should be replaced to ensure optimal performance after the long summer months operating in cooling mode. Get in the habit of inspecting the filter monthly, and changing or cleaning it when it looks dirty. A clogged filter will make your air handler work harder, and reduce efficiency and air quality.
  • You can use a water hose or special soft brushes to clean the outside coil, though a professional is usually needed for cleaning the inside coil. Dirty coils impeded the vital heat-exchange process in your heat pump system.

Professional Maintenance Tasks

  • Use a professional HVAC contractor to check that the refrigerant level is adequate.
  • The wiring, capacitor, electrical connections and circuit board should be checked and repaired if required.
  • The drain line and drain pan should be cleared of any blockages, and cleaned or replaced if needed.
  • Ask your HVAC contractor to check the performance of the heat pump to ensure that it’s operating at maximum efficiency. Airflow should be checked and adjusted, as well.

Regular maintenance can save money on costly repairs and energy usage. An ideal time to schedule a maintenance tune-up is when your heat pump is making the transition from cooling to heating mode in the fall.

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