Has Your Furnace Had a Fall Maintenance Check?

Seasonal preventive maintenance will extend the life of your furnace and keep it running at maximum efficiency. Harsh winter weather will be upon us before you know it, so now is the time to perform a fall maintenance check on your furnace. For safety reasons, weekend do-it-yourself warriors may want to stick to changing the filters only and instead hire an HVAC professional for the inspection and tune up.

Cut the power to your furnace.Has Your Furnace Had a Fall Maintenance Check?

  • Before performing any maintenance on your furnace, flip the circuit breaker to turn the power off. If you smell natural gas fumes, evacuate and call a professional to check for leaks.

Filter change.

  • Changing the air filter regularly will keep your furnace running smoothly by keeping dirt and other airborne debris from coating furnace components and getting into your indoor air. Get in the habit of inspecting the filter monthly and changing it when it looks dirty.
  • You might need a screwdriver to pry open the blower door, though usually it’s simply a matter of sliding out the old filter, and sliding in the new one, with the directional arrows pointing toward you furnace.

Clean the system.

Filters are not able to block all dust, lint and debris so a professional will clean the blower assembly and other working parts of your furnace. He also will inspect burner and ignition operation, inspect venting for safety, and do other routine checks as needed. This process is usually a key part of a maintenance agreement. Overall, the technician will perform a fall maintenance check to ensure your furnace is ready for winter, with regard to efficiency, performance and safety.

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