Detect Carbon Monoxide in Your Home With These Alarms

Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas, partly because it is so toxic and partly because it cannot be detected by human sight or smell. Since carbon monoxide (CO) can be given off by practically anything that burns fuel to create heat, it’s a real threat in homes with gas furnaces, water heaters and stoves. Fortunately, you can detect carbon monoxide with readily available and easy-to-install CO detectors.

Since CO is created and emitted by your gas furnace or water heater (and hopefully, safely vented to the outside), it makes sense to detect carbon monoxide by placing a CO detector near those appliances, though not so near that harmless trace amouDetect Carbon Monoxide in Your Home With These Alarmsnts of CO will trigger a false alarm. Should significant leakage occur, a loud noise will alert the entire household that something is amiss. The alarm is triggered when a certain level of gas is sensed for a sufficient period of time, and it should go off well before it reaches a point where it’s dangerous to humans.

I’s a good idea to install CO detectors at opposite ends of the home, so that coverage is not limited to the one area where a CO detector is installed. However, most experts advise that if you only have one CO detector, make sure you install it near the main sleeping area. Carbon monoxide is the greatest threat when home occupants are sleeping.

Another spot for likely CO detection is near the mutual door between your home and an attached garage. Your garage with its motor vehicles and tools is a prime source for carbon monoxide. Whatever you do, avoid idling the car in the garage, even with the big garage door open. Air-pressure differentials between outside and inside can suck toxic fume, including CO, into the house.

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