Are You Prepared For the Cost of a New Water Heater?

One major purchase Cleveland area homeowners may have ahead of them – without realizing it– is a new water heater. While declining water heaters provide a few signs, they can also unexpectedly fail. A little preparation can prepare you for the cost of a new water heater. 

Signs of Age

Most water heaters last eight to 12 years. This life span drops if your water is hard – full of dissolved minerals – or if regAre You Prepared For the Cost of a New Water Heater?ular maintenance has been deferred. You may bear the cost of a new water heater very soon if your hot showers turn unexpectedly cold, you see rust-colored water from the hot water faucet, or if you notice water puddles beneath the water heater.

No Phone Estimates

A qualified plumber who values you as a customer will politely decline to give a price quotation by telephone. This is because the water heater work site greatly affects labor and installation costs:

  • Size of work area
  • Condition of existing connecting pipes
  • Ease of moving the old heater out and new one in
  • Condition of gas or electric connections

The cost of a new water heater is highly variable. Ask your plumbing professional to come in to inspect the location, size your water heater, and prepare a written estimate.

Tankless Options

The traditional tank water heater – in sizes from 30 gallons to 70 gallons – has served Americans well. When evaluating the cost of a new water heater, consider the tankless water heater, despite an up-front cost that can nearly double your installation expenses. Benefits include:

  • Far more fuel- and energy-efficient than tank models
  • Clean water – no rust or scale
  • Long life span
  • Unlimited supply of hot water

If you plan to remain in your Cleveland area home for at least another decade, these on-demand models can save you money.

Installation is Not for Amateurs

Either choice – tankless or tank – should be installed by a professional plumber. You risk gas leaks, electrocution, water leaks and broken pipes if you attempt installation yourself.

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