Selecting a Water Heater: Many Options, but Choose Carefully

Selecting a Water Heater: Many Options, but Choose CarefullyA good water heater is essential for making sure that you have plenty of hot water for your showers, laundry and dishes. When you’re selecting a water heater, there are a few different things to look for that can make a big difference in how your unit performs once it’s installed in your northeast Ohio home.

Storage or Tankless

A water heater that can store a lot of hot water is great for larger households. This ensures that everyone gets enough hot water if several people or appliances are using it at the same time. Tankless hot water heaters are great for smaller places, especially if only one or two people are in the residence. However, a tankless (also called on-demand) system can be sized and configured to meet the demands of a larger home. They save on utility bills greatly, only heating up the water as it’s needed and ever running out as long as they’re properly sized for the household.

Gas or Electric

When you are selecting a water heater, you may not even have to choose between these two options if there’s already a setup in place for either one in your home. For new construction, depending on local natural gas prices, there may be a clear favorite. Electric hot water heaters are convenient, and may be the best option if you want your entire house to be electric. Gas water heaters are good for larger tanks, and if you have a furnace nearby, it would be simple to run a line to the water heater.

Energy Efficiency

You almost always will want to go with the most energy-efficient model if this water heater is being installed in a new house. Even though the initial cost may be more, the difference will probably be made up over time. For water heaters going into rental properties or older homes, you will need to weight the economic benefits to see if the higher efficiency is worth it.

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