Heat Gain in Your Cleveland Area Home: Don’t Overlook It

Reducing how much heat gain enters your Cleveland area home during the hot days of summer can help you reduce your monthly cooling costs and keep your household feeling consistently more comfortable. Your home’s walls, doors, windows and ceilings all work together to insulate your indoor environment. That being the case, their energy efficiency has a big impact on your heating and cooling costs.

Following are some helpful tips to utilize these components to reduce heat gain in your home, and help you save more:

Heat Gain in Your Cleveland Area Home: Don't Overlook ItWindows

When left exposed to direct sunlight, windows can account for around 50 percent of a building’s heat gain in the summer.

  • Shade windows from direct sunlight. You can shade windows both from the outside and inside. A mix of bushy plants, shade screens and awnings can be used on your home’s exteriors. On the inside, install blinds, shutters and window tints. These measures can reduce your air conditioning costs by as much as 25 percent.
  • Keep blinds and draperies closed. For increased window protection, make sure your home’s blinds and drapes are kept closed during sunny days, especially those on the south- and west-facing windows.

Walls and Doors

  • Use light colored paint. Painting the outside of your home with a light color will better reflect the sun’s glares, and prevent your home from absorbing excess heat. If you’re using blinds on your windows, using a light interior paint can better reflect indoor lighting to reduce your electricity costs.


  • Inspect home weatherstrippingCheck around doors and windows to ensure that all of the visible cracks and gaps on movable joints are properly sealed with weatherstripping. This will prevent conditioned air from leaking outside and help reduce uncomfortable drafts.
  • Caulk around windows and vents. For extra protection, use a high-grade caulk compound to seal around stationary parts of windows and at odd exterior penetrations such as electrical wiring, pipes and vents. Caulk gaps and cracks in areas where two building materials meet, such as the foundation and walls.

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