Why the A/C in Your Home May Need Help Dehumidifying

Summer is usually the season when humidity is at its peak. High humidity of course means that there’s a large amount of moisture in the air, which makes your home feel damp and uncomfortable. In Northeast Ohio, outside can often exceed levels of 70 percent humidity, while it’s ideal to keep your home comfortably under 50 percent. While a modern air conditioning system can help with humidity, the best option to solve chronic high humidity is a dehumidifier working in tandem with your A/C or heat pump.

Humidity in Your HomeWhy the A/C in Your Cleveland Area Home May Need Help Dehumidifying

Your A/C naturally removes some humidity as heat is extracted from air that passes over indoor coils and water vapor condenses and drains away. The problem with this is that you have no control over how much moisture is removed, and dealing with high indoor humidity also lowers the efficiency and effectiveness of your A/C.

A dedicated dehumidifier will extract moisture from the air throughout your home to the level that you set. There are portable options if you have a localized humidity issue, or more comprehensive whole-house dehumidification systems that can be incorporated into your forced-air HVAC system.

Why Dehumidifying Your Home’s Air Is Important

High levels of humidity can result in a range of adverse effects. The first obvious consequence is discomfort. The air is clammy and moist, and anything you sit on or touch is likely to feel damp.

The issues go far past discomfort, as high humidity can negatively impact your health as well. Moist conditions provide a breeding ground for all sorts of micro-organisms. Mold, dust mites and bacteria are just a few of the organisms that will grow. You will breathe in these contaminants, and they can cause breathing conditions and trigger allergy symptoms. Mold and mildew can damage your home, and may be difficult and expensive to remove.

Finally, humid air feels warmer than dry air. Some homeowners compensate by lowering the thermostat, which consumes a large amount of energy over the course of the summer. if your indoor air is dry, you’ll find that the A/C thermostat can be turned up a few degrees without any loss of comfort.

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