Two-Stage Cooling: Why You Might Want to Consider It

Two-stage cooling systems are more energy efficient than standard air conditioners, and they offer improved cooling performance without sacrificing any of your comfort needs. A two-stage compressor allows these systems to operate at two speeds, high and low, whereas standard, single-stage air conditioners only operate on high. This means they’re running full-blast even when your home’s need for A/C is relatively low.

Benefits of a Two Stage Cooling System

  • Energy efficiency – Two-stage air conditioners are more energy efficient and can save money on your monthly eTwo-Stage Cooling: Why You Might Want to Consider Itnergy bills.
  • Improved comfort levels – Two-stage compressors often operate continuously at the low stage. This improves the comfort levels in your home by preventing hot and cold spots, and better controlling humidity (read on…)
  • Control of humidity levels – Two-stage air conditioners offer improved control over humidity levels inside your home due to the continuous operation of the system when running in the low stage. Running on longer cycles, cooling coils are able to extract more moisture from the air, which is then drained outside your home.

If you need to an A/C upgrade in your home, consider installing a two-stage A/C system. The improved performance, humidity control, energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs make a two-stage system an attractive option.

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