Your Water Heater: Are You Doing All You Can to Make It Last?

The storage tank water heater you purchase for your home may not seem like the biggest investment you’ll make, but replacing it before you have to, or having to get it repaired, isn’t something you want to spend your money on. In most storage water heaters, corrosion is the biggest problem you’ll need to worry about. Use these tips to make sure you prevent corrosion and that you’re doing everything you can to keep your water heater in proper working condition.

  • Upgrade your water heater’s pipe nipples to plastic ones. Many units come with copper or brass pipe nipples, Your Water Heater: Are You Doing All You Can to Make It Last?but the inside of the tank is usually made of steel. Over time, this mixing of metals can lead to corrosion. Replacing them isn’t a big job, and it may be something you can do yourself. If you don’t want to take the task on alone, have a professional do the job for you during a regular tune-up or service call.
  • Have your vent pipes checked for corrosion. The vent pipes in a gas water heater work to push combustion gas outside and away from your home, which leaves them susceptible to corrosion. You can’t clean your vent pipes alone since the job is fairly complex, but you can check them for rust or holes that could be dangerous. If you do see damage and deterioration, you should call a professional technician for service ASAP.
  • Get the anode rod in your water heater inspected at least once per year if you have a water softening device that uses salt. Water softeners that use salt – most of them do – cause corrosion. This type of corrosion also can lead to your water softener not working very well.
  • Make sure you get your water heater checked annually, especially if you’re using a gas-fueled model. Ideally, you should have it inspected once per year to avoid serious and potentially dangerous problems. Schedule service calls in advance.

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