Pollutants in Your Home That May Require Air Purification

Polluted air, of course, can cause health problems, and this can even happen inside your home if ventilation is insufficient. Seasonal changes may also result in the outside air being polluted by pollen or dust particles, which can get inside. This is why you may need to invest in an air purification system.

Air purification systems are designed to deal with specific types of pollutants. It’s crucial that you determine the type of pollutants that you need to remove before you purchase a purification system. One of the main sources of indoor air pollution is particulate matter, composed of microscopic solids, liquid droplets or a mixture of both. Here, we will take a look a3 Types of Pollutants in Your Home That May Require Air Purificationt the three types of particulate matter that can pollute your inside air.

  • Respirable particles – this type of particle is emitted directly into the indoor air by tobacco smoke, incorrectly installed chimneys, unvented gas stoves, unvented gas or kerosene heaters, and fireplaces. Viruses and some bacteria also fall into this category.
  • Smaller biological particles – bacteria, mold, cat or dog dander, dust mite body parts and dust mite droppings fall into this category.
  • Larger particles – this type of particle includes dust, pollen, mold fragments, cat or dog dander, dust mite body parts and cockroach body parts.

Air purification systems include electronic air cleaners, standard box filters, UV lights, HEPA filters and active carbon filters. Some of the purification systems are available as portable options and others as whole-house systems. If you need to purify the inside air of your home, contact your local HVAC contractor for advice and assistance.

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