Confused About Air Filters? Here’s Help to Sort Them Out

Finding the right air filter for your home’s HVAC system might seem confusing at first. There are many types of air filters available on the market, and finding the right one can be challenging. Learning the differences in filter types will go a long way toward helping you select the best one for your home. 

The primary purpose of air filters is to ensure that dust and other large particulates are not being pulled into your HVAC system where they can interfere with efficient system operation. The secondary purpose is to reduce the amount of pollutants Confused About Air Filters? Here's Help to Sort Them Outinto the air you breathe. Some air filters are good at the first chore and not so good at the second.

Air Filter Types

Fiberglass Air Filter – This is the most basic air filter you can use in your home. These inexpensive and disposable flat-panel air filters are made of cardboard frames that connect strands of fiberglass, which capture larger particles. They do little to improve the air quality in your home and are mainly designed to protect your HVAC system from dust.

Pleated Air Filter – This is a higher-quality air filter that is disposable. It’s constructed with a cardboard frame and tightly wound pleated polyester/cotton fibers. The folds, or pleats, in the material are designed to capture much smaller particulates from the air, while allowing more surface area for airflow. They perform better than fiberglass air filters and can capture almost half the air particles inside your home.

Washable Air Filter – This is an air filter that can be washed and reused. Most HVAC technicians do not recommend this air filter as they have a tendency to collect bacteria and fungus.

Electrostatic Air Filter – Electrostatic filters use polyurethane and polypropylene layers and filtration media that generate static electricity from friction as the air passes through the filter. The combination of positive and negative ions creates a magnetic field that attracts air particulates as they pass through the filter. When properly maintained, this filter can capture almost 90 percent of pollutants from the air.

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