Reverse Your Ceiling Fan: Cool Your Home and Save Money

The fact that ceiling fans help you keep cool in summer is fairly common knowledge, but did you know that you can reverse your ceiling fan blade rotation to make your home even more comfortable year-round? Reversing the spin of your ceiling fan depending on the season provides year-round comfort, and can reduce your energy costs

In summer, your fan should be rotating in the “reverse” direction (that’s counter-clockwise, assuming it was instaReverse Your Ceiling Fan: Cool Your Home and Save Moneylled correctly). In winter, changing the spin to a “forward,” or clockwise, direction helps redistribute warm air into your living spaces where room occupants can feel it. Here’s how it works:

  • In summer – A counter-clockwise spin on your ceiling fan creates a downward breeze, essentially a “wind-chill” effect, which makes the room feel cooler. This allows you to raise the thermostats a few degrees and use your air conditioner less, which saves money.
  • In winter – Heat rises. A ceiling fan gently spinning clockwise pulls cooler air from the lower part of the room upward, displacing warm air that has risen to the ceiling and redistributing it down into your living space. Sensing the warmer air, the thermostat won’t signal the furnace to kick on quite so soon, and you’ll save money on heating.

Most ceiling fans have a small switch on the metal housing that allows you to reverse your ceiling fan blade rotation. Just make sure the fan is off before you hit the switch to avoid injury.

It’s important to remember that the fan’s summer operation doesn’t really change the temperature in a room; it just makes it feel cooler. So there’s no need to leave fans running around the clock; just when someone’s in the room. Turning a fan on when you enter a room and turning it off again when you leave is a summertime money saver, especially since fans use about as much electricity as a light bulb – far less than your central A/C.

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