UV Lights Can Eliminate Bacteria and Germs in Your Home

Various microorganisms are everywhere in your home. While they don’t do any real harm in small doses, if they begin to propagate and contaminate your air in high amounts, your air quality will suffer. One of the most effective ways of keeping living particulates — such as bacteria, viruses and mold — under control in your home is with a germicidal ultraviolet (UV) light filtration system.

The Basics of UV Lights

UV Lights Can Eliminate Bacteria and Germs in Your HomeWhen UV light comes into contact with microorganisms, either in the air stream or on a surface, it breaks down the particle’s DNA, neutralizing and eventually killing it. You can install these bulbs in your home using simple UV lamps.

Proper Use of UV Lights

If you stick a UV lamp in the middle of your kitchen, it’s not going to do much good. Instead, an HVAC technician will install a UV light system right in your ductwork, so the light shines directly on the air as it’s pushed through the ducts. This way, indoor air is treated repeatedly as your forced-air heating or cooling system operates, improving indoor air quality significantly. When hospitals, labs or food-processing facilities need sterile tools and environments, they use UV lights.

The installer also may position a UV light so it shines directly on your air conditioner or heat pump’s indoor coil or condensate pan. The light shining on the coils will destroy any mold or bacteria that tries to take hold in this damp, dark area.

Installing UV lights properly is important if you want the best results. If you need any help with UV lighting in your Greater Cleveland area home, contact Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for assistance.

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