Take Advantage of Landscaping: Use it to Improve Home Efficiency

You might not be aware that you can take advantage of landscaping around your home to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), but surprisingly there is a connection. The connection is traceable to the practice of planting native plants around your home, rather than sowing with traditional grass seed and planting a mixture of flowers and shrubs that are not really native plants.

Native wildflowers and grasses, once they have gotten established around your home, do not need any fertilizers, Take Advantage of Landscaping: Use it to Improve Home Efficiencyherbicides, pesticides, or other unnatural inducements to grow. This means that none of these chemicals are released into the air around your home, and cannot be taken in with the fresh air that a ventilation system would bring in.

Big Boost to IAQ

The biggest boost to IAQ however, comes from the fact that native plants, unlike artificial landscapes, require very little in the way of maintenance and lawn-mowing – they are virtually self-maintaining. Since no machinery is necessary to maintain this kind of landscape, none of the harmful emissions from machinery are exhausted into the atmosphere.

With no grass-edgers, weed-whackers, leaf-blowers or lawnmowers needed, the air is spared from carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and benzene. Lawn and garden equipment fueled by gasoline also emit their own toxins and particulates into the air around the home.

Other Landscaping Benefits

Apart from planting native flora, there are other ways you can take advantage of your landscaping. Planting a shade tree near an air conditioner for instance, can increase its efficiency by as much as 10 to 15 percent. Trees are also known to remove carbon dioxide from the air, and shrubs around the home can remove smoke, dust and pollutants that might otherwise invade the home and degrade indoor air quality.

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