Turn Down the Water Heater Thermostat and Tally the Savings

Most of us in the Cleveland area wouldn’t mind saving meaningful money each year on our energy costs. Conserving energy, and thus lowering your utility bills, is one trend that continues to grow. Did you know that you could be saving money every day just by making a minor adjustment to your water heater?


Most manufacturers have water heaters set to a temperature of 140 degrees F when installed. This higher temperatuTurn Down the Water Heater Thermostat and Tally the Savingsre puts your family at risk for scalding, and also costs you more money in the long run. When a water heater is set to 140 degrees, it builds up minerals faster in the hot water pipes, as well as in the water tank, and hastens corrosion. It also costs you more money in two different ways.

Energy Loss

Your water heater will waste energy first through standby losses. Standby energy loss occurs when the heat is lost through the tank and into the surrounding area of the basement or garage where it’s located. This happens more in older water heaters that are not insulated. If you keep it set at a lower temperature, you will have less standby heat loss. The second way it loses energy is through consumption. Consumption losses occur through normal demand for hot water in your home. By lowering the temperature you will help reduce the consumption losses as well.

Reduced Temperature

So what is the best temperature to set your water heater thermostat? A temperature setting of 120 degrees F is suitable for most hot water needs in a typical household. This 20-degree difference from manufacturer settings can add up to significant savings for you. Dropping the temperature to 120 degrees also will reduce the risk of scalding, which is particularly important in households with children, while still providing your home with the hot water it needs.

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