Follow These Ductwork Design Principles for Your New Home

When you are building a new home in the Cleveland area, the physical layout, the material types and the sizes of your air ducts should be factored into the design in order to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system. A good ductwork design and installation can avoid the heating losses of poorly designed systems, which can increase your heating or cooling bills by up to 40 percent.

Tips for an Efficient Ductwork Design:

  • Before the ductwork design is done, your HVAC contractor should do a Manual J load calculation to determineFollow These Ductwork Design Principles for Your New Home how large of an HVAC system your home will need. Then the contractor should reference the Manual S residential equipment selection guide to find the correct system for your home.
  • Next, the contractor should refer to the Manual D procedures for duct sizing to determine the amount of conditioned air each room needs, the size of the air ducts that are required to deliver that air and how to compensate for changes in the air flow, such when a duct must turn a corner.
  • Using the previous calculations, the contractor should draw up a set of plans for the ducts in the entire home, showing the entire route of every air duct to the room that it serves and its proper size for the air flow requirements. The plans should take into account the obstacles in the home’s plans and route the ducts in the most efficient way possible, minimizing obstructions to air flow.
  • Once the plans are approved, the installer should fabricate the ducts in accordance to the plans. The air ducts should be properly supported along their lengths, all seams should be sealed with mastic or metal tape and if the ducts run through unconditioned space, they should be insulated properly. After the installation is done, a test should be performed to ensure that the system is balanced properly.

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