Have Your Plumbing System Serviced to Avoid Emergencies

Winter, with its record-breaking low temperatures and snowfall, has not been kind to Northeast Ohio this year. The brutal cold has been harsher than usual not only for residents but plumbing systems. Plumbing systems are expected to operate correctly regardless of what is happening outside. Often, these expectations mean that such systems are left unchecked and not serviced. The result? A plumbing system that begins to malfunction, causing a plumbing emergency.

Want to Avoid Problems? Have Your Plumbing System ServicedHave Your Plumbing System Serviced to Avoid Wintertime Emergencies

One of the best ways to avoid wintertime emergencies is to have your plumbing system serviced on a regular basis. A professional servicing of a plumbing system includes checking the system’s…

  • Shutoff valve
  • Pipe insulation
  • Distribution and drainage pipes
  • Hot water heater temperature and flame purity
  • Sump pump operation and buildup amounts

Deciding to have your plumbing system serviced means peace of mind that you’ll have running water that is hot when you want it to be, not only during record snowfalls, but also in the springtime when heavy rains begin to test your system’s pipes.

How to Choose a Professional

Not all plumbing professionals are equal. When selecting and scheduling a professional to service your plumbing system, inquire into their…

  • Qualifications: how long have they worked in the field and how many systems have they serviced?
  • Registration and Licensure: are they registered with state or local authorities and do they possess required licenses?
  • References: who recommends them and why?

Don’t just select the cheapest plumbing professional out there. Doing so can lead to an improperly serviced plumbing system that causes problems this winter and that requires you to spend more money hiring a second professional.

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