Still Using a Manual Thermostat? Go Programmable with a Zoning System

As you sit around in your dungarees, do you find yourself getting up from your phonograph to tinker with your manual thermostat? If dungarees and phonographs sound outdated, why do you still have a manual thermostat? Just as blue jeans and i-Pods replaced earlier relics, programmable thermostats have made manual ones obsolete. Plus they work in tandem with a zoning system, an ideal way to control heating and cooling in different parts of your home.


With programmable thermostats and zoned heating and cooling, you can fine-tune your Cleveland area home to suit every family member. Unoccupied rooms require little or no conditioning, and rooms on second and third floors wilStill Using a Manual Thermostat?  Go Programmable with a Zoning Systeml benefit from natural heat convection without running your furnace just for them. System zoning evens out temperature extremes and allows for ultimate control over which rooms are heated and which are not.

Each programmable thermostat in each zone sends information back to a central control panel, which opens and closes ductwork dampers to direct warm air from your furnace. So your basement no longer need be freezing, elderly family members can bask in warmth, and younger members in third-floor attic hideaways do not have to roast.

Proper zoning means lower energy bills, with savings up to 30 percent for both heating and cooling. A manual thermostat cannot direct room-by-room efficiency.

Programmable Thermostats

For system zoning to work, your Cleveland area home needs programmable thermostats. They need to be installed so that they work seamlessly with ductwork dampers. Professional installation and system balancing are recommended.
A programmable thermostat is to a manual unit what a word processor is to a pencil. Move from a manual thermostat to a programmable unit and gain this:

  • Lower energy bills – for both heating season and summer cooling
  • Automatic settings – You can make separate adjustments for early morning, off to work, return time and overnight.
  • News from your HVAC system – Some programmable thermostats can tell you when to change furnace filters, provide equipment alerts and even send you information wirelessly; a manual thermostat tells the temperature.
  • Touch screens – Easier to use than a manual model, touchscreens allow for very precise settings and easy interaction.

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