Are HVAC Maintenance Agreements Worthwhile? Factors to Consider

Here in Northeast Ohio, we’ve seen highs above 100 degrees and a record low of minus-20. Keeping our HVAC systems in top condition is vital, but are HVAC maintenance agreements a viable way of achieving that aim? These tips should help you decide:

Understanding Service Contracts

Service contracts are often offered by HVAC companies that have been called to your home when you’ve needAre HVAC Maintenance Agreements Worthwhile? Factors to Considered an urgent repair, or after they’ve carried out a routine service. Contracts range from an agreement that tune-ups and system checks be carried out on a routine timetable, to more costly variations that include emergency callouts, discounted parts and other perks.

The Upsides…

Houses are essentially complex machines. To keep them running smoothly, there’s a lot to remember. Things can be forgotten. With a maintenance agreement:

  • You’ll never forget your HVAC service.
  • The engineer will be scheduled to arrive without you calling.
  • This should increase installation efficiency.
  • It may well reduce the need for emergency calls and expensive replacement parts.

…And the Downsides

The level of service, and the age and complexity of your system, can make some maintenance contracts quite costly. However, depending on your situation, they could save you money and headaches down the road. Determining factors include:

  • Your individual usage pattern
  • The age of your installation; if it’s still under a manufacturer’s or installer’s warranty, you may not benefit from a contract.
  • System complexity (Contracts for relatively small, simple systems may be more expensive than two service calls a year.)

It’s also important to research whether any price suggested is comparable to service agreements offered by other HVAC companies in your area.

As with any decision determined by cost, you must decide whether HVAC maintenance agreements are a waste of money, or a must-have insurance policy. Either way, you should never enter into a binding contract with a provider you can’t trust. Happily, homeowners in the Greater Cleveland area can do their research with confidence by contacting Geisel Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing. In business for more than 78 years, our experts will steer you in the right direction.

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