Ventilation Tips for Superior Indoor Air Quality, Comfort, Efficiency

It can be tempting to overlook the need for ventilation when you live in Northeast Ohio. After all, the punishing Lake Erie winters call for a tightly insulated home to keep your family warm and safe when the temperatures plunge outside. However, proper ventilation is still necessary for the health and comfort of everyone who lives in your house. If you want the best of all possible worlds – an adequately insulated home that also has proper air circulation – you need to learn about the benefits of mechanical ventilation. 

Bathroom FansVentilation Tips for Superior Indoor Air Quality, Comfort, Efficiency

Modern bathrooms typically feature a fan to remove moisture and odors from the air, but many individuals elect not to utilize this venting option, choosing instead to open a window. After all, why bother with wasting electricity when fresh air is free and abundant? While this line of reasoning makes sense when the weather is nice and there’s some air movement, using a bathroom fan can actually improve the air quality in your home over the long run, as long as the ventilation system is properly maintained. An old, dirty fan is ineffective at keeping your bathroom air clean and may be costing you extra money.

Kitchen Fans

While the bathroom may be the room where most of our water consumption takes place, the kitchen still uses its fair share of H2O. A properly vented kitchen fan that draws moisture and odor outside is an invaluable tool in the fight to keep your home free of cooking odors and dampness. Of course, not all ventilating systems are created equally; it’s important to make sure the fan you install in your kitchen is big enough to do the job, but not so large as to compromise your heating and cooling system by pulling out too much conditioned air. Experts suggest selecting a ventilation system that has a rate of somewhere between 100 and 300 cubic feet per minute. This will ensure that your air quality is sufficiently freshened without increasing heating or cooling costs.

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