Forced Air Heating: What Makes It So Popular in the U.S.?

Central forced air heating systems are used in 35 million American homes, making forced air the most popular type of heating system in the United States. A forced air heating system often shares vents and ducts with a central air conditioner. Temperatures are controlled by one or more thermostats inside the home. When the home’s temperature drops below the predetermined temperature on the thermostat, the furnace (or A/C) kicks into action.

The forced air heating system pulls cold air from the home through return vents and ducts. The air is then heated as itForced Air Heating: What Makes It So Popular in the U.S.? moves through the furnace’s burner system and heat exchanger. The system then pushes the now warm air back through supply vents and ducts, and distributes it throughout the home.

One of the biggest reasons why forced air heating systems are popular is their convenience. They connect (in most homes) to already set up gas lines and vents, plus they share ducts and vents with the central air conditioning system. They can also be conveniently controlled with just a simple temperature setting on a thermostat.

Forced air systems are also popular because they heat the home quickly. The system kicks on any time the temperature dips below the thermostat setting and turns off when the temperature exceeds the thermostat setting. That keeps the house at a steady, consistent temperature, as long as the system is well maintained, properly sized, and compatible with tightly connected ducts.

The system’s automation and thermostat control help keep forced air systems relatively efficient. Since the system automatically turns on and off as needed, there’s little excess heat or energy wasted. Forced air heating systems can also accommodate high-efficiency air filters and whole-house humidifiers, for superior indoor air quality.

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