The Wonders of WiFi Thermostats: Check Them Out

The more control you have over your heating and cooling equipment, the greater amount of energy and money you’ll save each month. To this end, many homeowners across the country are turning to the use of WiFi thermostats to get their climate control and energy usage under control.

Programmable vs. Manual Thermostats

Many of us grew up with the old standard manual thermostats. Although your memories might not hold anything woThe Wonders of WiFi Thermostats: Check Them Outrse than being forced out of your warm bed on a winter morning to turn up the heat, the real problem was the amount of energy being wasted. Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, allow you to set the days and times when your heating or cooling equipment switches on and off. If utilized properly, this control can lead to substantial energy savings. It basically means you’re not running your heating or cooling at full capacity when you don’t need to.

WiFi Provides Even More Control

Although programmable thermostats have allowed homeowners to gain more control than ever before, the advancement of WIFi has enabled even more innovation, allowing you to make changes to your thermostat’s settings from a remote location, among other functions. Check out these great benefits:

  • Internet connectivity – You can access a WiFi thermostat from any Internet connection and make changes to its settings.
  • Smartphone application – After downloading an app to your smartphone, you can use it to access your WiFi thermostat, as well.
  • Remote control functionality – Don’t want to get up to change the temperature in the middle of family movie night? Simply use the WiFi connection as a remote control.
  • Monitor temperatures – In order to gain additional control over your heating and cooling costs, you can receive temperature reports thanks to sensors that can be installed inside and outside your home.
  • Mobile sensor – If you plan to move from one room of your home to another, take a sensor with you, which will allow you to heat or cool the one you’re in.

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