Determining Whether a Heat Pump Is the Right Heating and Cooling Option for You

If you’re considering installation of a heat pump system in your Cleveland area home that’s a smart move. Heat pumps are efficient and economical HVAC systems, and the only systems capable of both heating and cooling a home with one system. They’re available in in three basic types:

  • Air-sourceDetermining Whether a Heat Pump Is the Right Heating and Cooling Option for You
  • Ground-source
  • Water-source

The difference in the three types is related to the means by which each of them captures and releases heat energy. Air-source heat pumps, which are the most commonly used, capture heat from the outside air during heating operations, and disperse your home’s interior heat to the outside air during cooling operations. Their only real shortcoming is that standard models become much less effective at providing adequate heating when outside temperatures approach freezing, but auxiliary heating sources can be employed when this occurs. (Some state-of-the-art air-source heat pumps can provide comfortable heating down to zero degrees F.)

Ground- and water-source heat pumps, also called geothermal systems, capture and release heat energy to and from the ground or a water source such as a pond. They don’t suffer the same drop-off of effectiveness during very cold temperatures as air-source units because their heat sources remain fairly constant regardless of the outside air temperature. They are, however, more expensive to buy and to install, as they require installation of an underground (or underwater) loop system.

Heat pumps are uniquely efficient and economical to operate because, unlike traditional furnaces or boilers, they don’t create heat by burning fuel. Instead, they operate on the principle of heat transference, just like your kitchen refrigerator, to move heat from one location to another. They simply require a modest amount of electricity to run a compressor and blower fan. They’re easy to maintain, have a long life-expectancy, and provide reliable, comfortable conditioned air quality.

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